Create beauty video courses and earn money by teaching people from around the world

Why Teach on Beaudemy?

When you help others along their creative journey, it’s rewarding in more ways than one. By teaching on Beaudemy, you can grow your online following, give back, and earn money. Our top earning instructors are on track to make over $40,000+ each year.

Beaudemy instructors are real working beauty creatives and experts eager to share their expertise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can teach on Beaudemy?

Beaudemy instructors are working beauty professionals, experts and subject matter enthusiasts. But as long as your course adheres to our guidelines, it will be published on Beaudemy. There is no cost to publish your course.

Is there a cost or joining fee?

There are no fees involved to join Beaudemy as an instructor or a student. Access to become an instructor is completely free and you can start creating courses and uploading your video lessons straight away.

What should I teach?

Beaudemy has been created for skills based courses and accredited course for the beauty industry. So whether you want to teach your students how to create the latest on trend hair style or eye shadow blend, the choice is yours.

What's included in a Beaudemy Course?

Beaudemy courses include multiple forms of content including video, text, quizzes and more. All courses are pre-recorded could be from 10 minutes to 40 hours depending on the type of course. We encourage instructors to provide in depth knowledge within their courses and ask students to work along with them.

How can I earn money?

You'll earn money based on students purchasing your course on Beaudemy. For each student that buys your course you will receive 70% of the value of the course less a 3% processing fee and any taxes.

Do I need to promote my course?

Who wouldn't want to promote their own course? We suggest you do promote your course and in turn students visiting Beaudemy will have access to all the categories and the ability to purchase any course of their choice.

Plan your course

Start with what you know - beauty. 

Choose a topic and plan your lessons. You get to teach the way you want and create all types of beauty related courses. 

Once your signed up as an instructor you'll receive information on how to create your course - whether it be make up, hair styling, the latest trends and look or more.

Record your video

Hit that record button.

Whether your using your smartphone or a DLSR camera you're ready to start filming your lessons. 
Make sure your video and audio is nice and clear and you're ready to go!

Need help with your course? Drop us a message and we'll be happy to help.

Publish & Sell

Once you've created your video lessons, you can also add additional features such as quizzes and assignments to build interactivity with your students.

You're now all set, all that's left is to publish your course for review by the Beaudemy team and start promoting your course.

Teach at Beaudemy